SayMore & Purple FarCon Essay Contest is hosting an essay contest to proliferate "Farcaster Originated, Purple Funded" ideas to all corners of Web3.

This contest is open to essays that explore ideas related to Farcaster, cryptocurrency, NFT’s, decentralized protocols, and Web3.

Each essay is a new, original work that has not been published before this contest started. All essays should be at least 500 words and submissions will be accepted until 5:59PM EST on June 8th, 2023.

Submitted Essays (in order of submission):

The Possibility of a Seldon Crisis - m-j-r
Decentralized Protocols and How They Change Social Media - Adil Kazani
Snapshot - Farcaster is... - Papa
Farcaster as a digital nation - JW
The Power of Scenius - Adrienne Shulman
Focus On What Doesn't Scale - Dylan Steck
Monet was a Punk - James McComish
Casting in the Winter - Chris Carella
Shattering Barriers - Alex Paden
The Record Business is Back, and It’s Digitally Native - Matt Lee
Rewriting the Social Media Narrative: Farcaster's Story of Empowerment - Brian Felix
What a Mushroom can Teach us about Decentralization - Alditrus
Disconnect Wallet - Nick Ducoff
A Call for Building a Forever Home - Ken Yie
Delaying Token Liquidity for DAOs - Brian Li
Farcaster: My Favorite Place on the Internet - j4ck
Leaderboard Events (Countable Messages) *Posting this for visibility, but DQed for word count* - Blobs
The Universe is a Joke - Cameron Armstrong
Live, Laugh, @Launch - Jayme Hoffman
Bit by Decentralization - GabrielAyuso.eth
FarCat Fellows Program, Part 1 - moreReese

Entries hosted on
The Cosmic Blockchain Theory - Derek Hall
Social Media is Dead. Long Live Social Media - Fran
Finding people and conversations on Farcaster - kbc


Best Overall Essay - 0.5 ETH
Honorable Mentions - 3 x 0.1 ETH
Boldest Essay: 0.1 ETH
Best DAO or Purple Related Essay: 0.1 ETH


Eligibility: You’re a Farcaster. That’s it.
Allowed Topics: Essays may cover any technical or non-technical topic related to Farcaster, cryptocurrency, NFT’s, decentralized protocols, and Web3.
This could include, but is not limited to:

  • The Future of Farcaster
  • Critical analyses of Farcaster protocol decisions
  • What Farcaster app will gain mass adoption?
  • Decentralized protocols and how they change social media
  • Scaling Quality on Farcaster
  • Community Management in DeSo
  • DeFi and its impact on banking crises
  • Farcaster permissionless innovation
  • Crypo-tokens and decentralized social
  • Farcaster and Section 230
  • A roadmap for Unlonely Creators
  • How FIP2 changes social media
  • NFT’s and community bonding
  • The Farcaster Client Wars

If you have an idea for a topic, it probably works.

Just DM Cameron to confirm before submission.

Length: Essays should be at least 500 words.

Language: All essays must be written or translated into English for final submission

Format: All submissions will be entered via a permalink to the hosted article (submission page to be added soon to this document).

If you don’t have a place to host your content, it can be a guest post on someone else’s blog - including mine "Wysr"

DM Cameron if you need hosting.

Judging: Essays will be voted upon by the Farcaster community based on their originality, clarity of expression, accuracy, relevance to the topic, and adherence to the word limit and other guidelines. Judging will begin at 6pm EST on June 8th and continue until *UPDATE* 11AM on June 11th.

The winners will be announce at FarCon on June 11.

Identification: Essays should include the author’s Farcaster handle somewhere on the essay page, a link to their Warpcast profile, and a marker of some kind that the work was created for the SayMore + Purple Essay Contest

Submission: All essays must be submitted via the contest's submission portal by 5:59 PM (EST) on June 8th, 2023.

For any questions please reach out to Cameron 🫡

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