I recently ran an organic marketing campaign with r/avatartrading and while it had great ROI it continues to be challenging for me to “make friends” over there. Even with great moderation/mods who rolled out the red carpet for me the vibes are not posi all the time, let’s say that.

Cameron Armstrong


@saymore Katherine, I’d love to hear your (bad) experiences in more detail - like in a thread or an essay 🫡

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Dan Romero


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Ethereum interested folks: do you use /r/ethereum anymore? Or any reddit subreddits related to crypto?

timdaub 🥝/🫦


nah, they are terrible. Ppl straight up insult me for writing cool blog posts



I subscribe for my casual browsing, but not really it's an okay secondary news source, but I have access to much better resources if I ever actually need something

Daniel Fernandes


Never used Reddit for crypto stuff, I'm getting all my info from podcasts which get their info from Twitter.



The daily thread in r/ethfinance is excellent. Best signal to noise ratio by far. I visit r/ethereum only during AMAs.

Dan Romero


what other sources besides Twitter and Farcaster?

Joshua Hyde 🔵


I like to read places like /r/Ethereum and /r/Cryptocurrency to get a sample of what people who don't run podcasts are thinking about the crypto ecosystem, but it's not where I go to really educate myself on the technology.



direct personal connections, generally found through niche smaller communities on Discord

Joshua Crain 🦇🔊


Yes definitely Discord. Good Discord communities should be right up there with Twitter and Farcaster.



Hell yeah. Also always gr8 to catch up with the peeps at ethtrader and read the madness that is the CCR sub. It can be quite a chuckle.

Jason Goldberg


Not in a long long time



r/ethstaker is an amazing gem. Incredibly useful. The rest...less so now.

Les Greys


sorry, only use Farcaster. (say hi to the camera).



no, too much reddit adversarialism. voting bots have just gotten worse over time & karma is no longer accountable compared to pre-2010 reddit.

Jesse Pollak 🔵


we are about to do an AMA there for base!



Only for Ethereum Foundation AMAs

Yash Karthik


Nah Reddit is good for anything outside crypto.



not really. more on discord/eth research site/eip site/ct

Dean Pierce 👨‍💻🌎🌍


Yeah. /r/ethdev is good too, and /r/ethtrader. The only crypto sub that I had to unsubscribe from is /r/Bitcoin, shortly after Gavin got banned. From 2011-2015 that sub was solid gold. Now it's so obnoxiously toxic. Not mad, just disappointed.



besides twitter/'s discord, telegram, substack subs



One of the few remaining sanctuaries. Quiet still in the bear.



Only when I am trying to fix 🦊 issues or issues with other widely adopted crypto tools

Ryan Anderson


I hate Reddit for anything crypto.

Renjith Nair


Reddit crypto is unbearable.

Cameron Armstrong


Please drop the link when you do - really curious about the reactions



What’s in two days lmao I can answer any questions now if you want

Cameron Armstrong


😬😬😬 I’m collecting rn Will share why soooooon



What’s your go-to education space?

Joshua Hyde 🔵


Honestly, I don't have any go-to resources - a lot of it just spent coming across a phrase or concept I don't know and googling my way through various resources (blogs, site documentation, videos).

Jun Gong


not really, unless the EF team has AMAs on r/ethereum



I checked it out once and it had a seriously bizarre tone from the perspective of someone coming from crypto twitter. Less financial literacy perhaps?



I’m not sure what to do 🙈 just go to this website and write it up?
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