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New Essay: Mint First [NFT Inside]

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omg i’ve been tinkering here since 2014, YES

Salvino Armati


can’t mint on mobile 🥹



try this in the meantime



Thought provoking piece. 🙏Is the ownership property really needed here? Would sign and timestamp get to the same result?



minted ⚡️



How do you read the essay? (I already minted)

Uncle Davo


Tagging @unjumble for this to pop up in today’s digest 🫡

Daniel Lombraña


Doing exactly that with my breathing letters project and some of my best photos.



@jacob there are at least two of us hoping you’ll respond ^^

Cameron Armstrong


@jacob - just a heads up you've got an active SayMore request (



i dont know what that means

Cameron Armstrong


I’m building to help writers/creators get lightweight feedback from their audiences about what they’d like to see the writer turn into longer form content I believe @kmacb.eth wanted to understand the value of ownership vs signatures with Mint First



love this jacob ! 😮‍💨
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