I think in theory ceramic can power this but I’m skeptical on if devs will actually build this experience on it, and also skeptical about some of ceramic’s technical inner-workings(mainly how it stores data streams)



Pls do @saymore about how it stores streaming data and your skepticism. Last I looked one could not swap out IPFS as the storage layer which seems rather limiting. 🙏✌️

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sounds like ceramic🌝🌝



Ha didn’t see you tagged say more already.



i don't see people building the integrated experience you envision on ceramic -- until i actually see the start of it, i can't believe it(just a dream rn) and re: data availability, I agree with the cast below - hard to tell if the stream is backed up & where you can back it up to



Brooklyn is very knowledgeable in this field!



yeah I think so(or her and Boris maybe, idk)

Boris Mann


Yes we’re cofounders. But we very much build the company on the foundations of Brooklyn’s deep technical work. She’s a pretty great people person and standards editor too!



ceramic x lit integration allows users to store encrypted data. ceramic also only allows one user to own & update a stream, lit allows ( users )to interact with the same DID in a secure way.
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