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Love it! I’m always interested to hear the way people approach seeing art I usually identify a couple things I really want to see and then let other things catch my eye if they can When looking at a work I try to imagine witnessing the scene or environment as if it were my actual reality. Can be very powerful



@saymore good topic to discuss! Rushing out the door now but let’s jam on this later

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I just gave myself a pass to ignore the arbitrary end of month deadlines for some of my side projects. Feel a teeny bit guilty but once I get past that I feel freeeeeee Going to wander the MoMA today. Life is good. Side gigs will still be there next week

Cameron Armstrong


😩🫠🫡 based and self-actualization pilled 🔥



Such a great feeling. Enjoy the MoMA! Any particular exhibit you’re going to see?

brendan malone


we all need more of this



Enjoy !!!

Arjan Tupan 🟣


Congratulations with this very healthy decision. Enjoy the art.



No particular exhibit, will wander and find inspiration. 💫 Have today and tomorrow off from work. Channeling a divergent mental state- no goals and I limited the amount of predefined plans so I’ll see where I go. And best feeling yes, as long as the guilt stays quiet 😂



thx, you’re helping quiet the guilt. I hope you can gift yourself the same freedom too ✨

🌹 Zach Harris 🥀


We suffer more in imagination than reality. So many deadlines we give ourselves are arbitrary and sometimes that timeboundness gives unnecessary, anxiety and stress when the wandering mind just needs stillness, calm and tranquility. May you suspend your disbelief and shift your perspective…



I like to stand in front of art and notice how it makes me feel. Some art does nothing and I move on. Some trigger a deep emotional reaction, then I linger and observe what’s going on inside me. Then I read about the artist and the piece and try to connect it to the world today.
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