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The more you say this the more I’m forced to assume you just want to be Dommed down big style



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briang is live on unlonely


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anyone who denies farcaster is too soft is literally just putting a cap on how funny and entertaining it can get like please look at 1 tik tok comment section

Joe Toledano


NBA reddit/twitter is also an incredibly entertaining shitshow



Yeah everybody's still tip-toeing, give it some months



Still in the family party phase

antimo — q/dau


i get the sentiment but i also would prefer it if this place did not become tik fucking tok



it's still sort of a gated community, let's see when it's permissionless



very good



I think we’re on different sides of tiktok lol mine is nice and wholesome for the most part



also TIKTOK IS ONE WORD get your shit right 😤



I think ppl who read this as too soft have it wrong It just bc we all broadly share opinions If someone came in here and said something we all felt was off base (and I mean really off base, not low stakes intellectual quibbles where u can have nuance debate) you would immediately see fighting



In addition, many of us all work in the same industry, which is very small If I went around telling ppl to fuck off every which way there’s a good chance I’m sabotaging my future employment chances should I stay in crypto



min audience for drama to feed engagement and profit guaranteed to come with scale

Phil Liao


Also related - not too many anons here. LinkedIn is the logical extreme of professional mask-on 100% of the time. 4chan might be the opposite. X is a mix. FC has so far been mostly real identity



Agreed, we need somewhere to keep it moderately serious 😅



I've been calling it Titkok for weeks and no one has noticed.

dawufi (LLM)


i refuse and @greg will never get me to install it

kevin j


wake up in the mornin feelin like p diddy



i do believe that more flexibility on content and more extreme views could be entertaining at times, but definitely would not want tik tok here. I also dont want a LinkedIn setting either... be a little more flexible FC... please.

Mantej Rajpal


aite Ke$ha in the mix

🟢 grace is live on unlonely


it’s such boomer spelling smh

Matt Lee


I don’t think fc being nice means you can’t be unhinged if you want to your posts are a good example

Varun Srinivasan


brian don't put a space between tik and tok, the genz'ers will know you're not one of them



But I love TikTok 😂. Maybe shitpost channel



It’s a lot of preaching to the choir in here. Just wait. 🍿.gif



Almost scrolled past this comment without noticing!
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